What stakeholders want ASARECA to champion in new strategy

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Stakeholders during one of ASARECA`s events during OP I

Stakeholders across Africa who were consulted to inform ASARECA’s new strategy want a repositioned ASARECA to perform a higher level facilitative, supportive, coordination and advocacy role to enhance sustainable agricultural transformation, sustained economic growth and inclusive development in the ECA sub region.

They want ASARECA to assert its leadership in brokering, nurturing and coordinating effective Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D) partnerships that deliver high priority and relevant development outcomes.

Given this mandate, the repositioned ASARECA will work to create not only a more enabling policy and investment environment for AR4D, but also more coordinated action to exploit synergies and avoid duplication. It will invest in advocacy processes and broker strategic partnerships aimed at delivering specific outcomes, including resource mobilization to support regional priority initiatives in the most efficient and effective ways.

As a partnership broker, ASARECA will be an active intermediary and interlocutor between different organizations and sectors (public, private and civil society) to facilitate collaboration or to improve quality of collaboration in specific AR4D initiatives a. In this regard, ASARECA will be a convener, partnership broker, catalyst, process facilitator and coordinator.

 This means that ASARECA will specifically undertake the following tasks:

  • Enhance effective management and exchange of agricultural knowledge, information and learning to the National Agricultural Research Education and Extension Systems (NAREES) and other stakeholders to inform AR4D processes in ways that enhance efficiency, effectiveness and achieve sustainability.
  • Identify regional AR4D challenges and opportunities and facilitate and coordinate measures, including brokering the establishment and management of value-adding partnerships, to respond to these in the most efficient and effective ways.
  • Support, facilitate and coordinate capacity strengthening interventions and programmes for the national, sub regional and regional research, extension, education and training institutions.
  • Support the formulation and harmonization of policies and regulatory frameworks to create enabling environment for positive transformation of AR4D to support inclusive and sustainable agricultural transformation in the ECA countries.
  • Provide leadership and facilitate structured and inclusive discussions of strategy and priority setting at the sub regional, regional and continental levels.
  • Support and coordinate the implementation of agricultural transformation programmes for which economies of scale, need for specialization and harmonization, or the existence of spill over effects dictates that management be placed at the sub regional level.
  • Provide essential support, in the AR4D sphere, to ECA NAREES with special needs or those in emergency situations.

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Date Published: 
Thursday, 19 January 2017