February 2017

ASARECA Strategy and Results Framework 2017-2026

ASARECA (2017-2026) Strategy and Results Framework is out. The document shows that ASARECA has committed to deliver on four strategic outcomes namely: (i) Strengthened and integrated capacity for transforming the ECA agricultural sector; (ii) Enhanced support to development and scaling up of agricultural technologies and innovations; (iii) Enhanced policy advocacy, market analysis and strengthened regional institutional arrangements; and (iv) Enhanced access to reliable and up-to-date knowledge and information for informed decision and action. Read more about ASARECA Strategy and Results Framework 2017-2026

From the brink of bankruptcy to a model for performance-based management: The story of one Yaoundé hospital

We took over the management of the obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatric hospital in Yaoundé (HGOPY) in 2014, inheriting an institution that faced chronic structural debt, obsolete equipment, and dilapidated buildings. No debt repayment plan was in place and fixed expenses such as staff salaries and benefits were extremely high.

Comment notre hôpital au bord de la faillite est devenu un modèle de gestion basée sur la performance ?

En 2014 nous avons repris la direction de l’hôpital gynéco-obstétrique et pédiatrique de Yaoundé (HGOPY). Nous avons récupéré une institution confrontée à un endettement structurel chronique, avec de nombreux équipements et locaux vétustes. Aucun plan d’amortissement de la dette n’avait été mis en place et les dépenses non compressibles telles que les salaires et avantages des personnels étaient très élevés.


ASARECA at statistics meet

Participants at the just concluded Conference on Agricultural Statistics titled Action Plan for Improving Statistics for Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, and Rural Development in Africa, have noted that there is limited engagement between national, regional and global research centers in developing and using agricultural statistics.  The conference also showed that national and regional research institutions are not tapping the best from global statistics initiatives. Read more about ASARECA at statistics meet